Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Chalk Art

These are photos of the finished chalk images I did for Jedd's Frozen Custard. The bunnies were for Easter and the flowers are more for spring. Go enjoy them in the space they were designed for and grab some delicious coffee and custard!


Amanda said...

Cute! :D

Amber Gail said...

Thanks Amanda :D

Laura E. Tryon said...

Agreed, these are adorable!

How on earth do you manage not to smudge it? :O

Amber Gail said...

Thank you, Laura!

They come off the wall! It's the best. I work on top of a freezer, the kind you put big hunks of meat inside of. Honestly, no baths in the sink like after life drawing, but the chalk dust all falls and ends up on my pants legs. I would wear an apron but anything draping (like the bottom on a sweater) does make huge smudges. I suppose it's just easier to be careful because of the large size of the boards.