Friday, February 5, 2010

Colour Studies and Exploration

I went through a whole lot of exploration of colour before I deciding on the colour styling for my film. Ultimately, I thought it would be best to stick to jewel tones and warmer shades, without straying too far towards a "cartoony" colour palette.

I started with the colour bars, making sure to cover the few variations I thought might be appropriate for this film at each approximate time of day. After building up the colour studies I weighed in on what I thought would be most effective for the content of each individual scene. Most of my opinions on those little decisions changed when I put my choices together, side by side.

Below you can see my working colour palette for the film. Kozak Mating Dance is ending up with much more red in it that I had set out thinking it would. I'm very glad I did this work, if only to have had the good sense to remove the whole "evening" palette from consideration. I think I've hit on something that works! As you can see, the workflow test scene a couple posts down is from the first colour section, in the top left corner.

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