Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looser Life Drawings

The comment I most regularly get on my life drawings is that I am fearless, and I'm not really sure that's reflected in the body of works I consciously show to others after the fact. I'm not afraid of making a big mess on the page, or just doing something because it feels right. My reasoning for that is that, if you are only as good as the weakest piece in your portfolio or demo reel, the worst drawings you make are really the ones you should be working on the most.

I don't think I'm unique in the unfortunate reality that I sometimes get too caught up drawing tiny, detailed sections that really don't contribute to the overall strength of a piece of artwork. I did feel that, maybe only for today, it might be nice to put up a more accurate reflection of what my "visual handwriting" is. Balls-to-the-walls fearlessness and defining the figure with tone and shape rather than a refined line drawing.

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