Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Nations Character Designs

I was recently hired to do some character designs for a children's video game called The Meeting Place by Bitcasters, a small games company in Toronto. Here are some of the rough works and finished illustrations I was especially happy with! Not all of the designs made it into the game in the state they are here, though most of them were.

I very much enjoyed working on this project! The cultural costumes were especially inspiring. I'd like to try animating some of these designs some day soon.

Using an interactive map quest, The Meeting Place addresses a variety of topics including: bullying, smoking, alcohol, solvents, family violence, suicide drugs, depression and anxiety. The map walks children down paths that they may encounter in their own communities and daily lives, and introduces them to community settings and characters that represent lessons to be learned about making good choices. Content and functionality helps children identify where to go for help in various scenarios. Intended for children aged 10 and older, this program was developed and designed by Bitcasters using CAMH content.

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