Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lady Pirate

Colours are very much toned down in this version. The WIP files have hair which is basically pale green.


Ivan K said...

Sorry for commenting off the topic. Just wanted to say thank you for the Kozak Mating Dance animation! I have posted it in the livejournal community dedicated to Ukrainian animation. Hope you don't mind. The post is here and it's in Ukrainian (let me know if you need translation).

Amber Gail said...

Дякую за ваш коментар і за допомогу, щоб показати мій фільм. I don't mind at all!

Ivan K said...

Ваш фільм цікавий і вартий того, щоб його показували! It's also very exciting to see that there is something related to your own culture made abroad.